Welcome to Rogue Game Junkie!

Hello my friends, and welcome to Rogue Game Junkie! This is a sister site to my beloved space game blog, Space Game Junkie! I created it primarly as a way to get me to play all the roguelikes I keep purchasing via sales and bundles by actually playing them and making videos of me playing them. These will be short videos, either alone or in series, and won’t be reviews or previews so much as just general videos of me trying out games, so this is a far, FAR less serious endeavor than Space Game Junkie, and therefore will take far less of my gaming time. 😉 That’s kind of the point of roguelikes though, isn’t it? To get a lot of gameplay in a small amount of time? 🙂

This way, I get to share my addiction with you all, and hopefully help you in deciding which roguelikes to buy or avoid (or be like me and buy them all anyway). 😉

So welcome to the site, thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for more videos! Enjoy!