My name is Brian Rubin, and I love roguelike games. Anything with permadeath and dynamically generated content, I am THERE. That’s what this site is about, a love letter to roguelikes, one of my favorite video game genres.

Unlike sister site Space Game Junkie, this site isn’t meant to be a comprehensive look at the entirety of the roguelike genre with news, podcasts, op-eds and so on. This is something much, much simpler, and will be primarily focused on my YouTube channel. I look at it as basically a way to get me to play all the roguelikes I buy by forcing me to make Let’s Play videos of them. 😉 So that’s what you’ll find here, vids of me playing roguelikes old and new, primarily on YouTube but possibly on Twitch as well.

So please join me as we go through all of the awesome roguelikes that are out, and thanks for visiting!